Welcome to Onemoney!

Welcome to Onemoney!

India’s First Account Aggregator Licensed by RBI

Account Aggregation is, India’s version of Open Banking, an activity licensed by RBI in which any citizen of India or MSME or any entity can take control of their financial information, by protecting their privacy and making decisions to share the same with any entity chosen by them, to monetize data – participate in Data Democracy.

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​​No more worries about what will happen to your shared data!
Onemoney ​is here to offer you freedom and complete control.
​Your data… Your decision… You control… What more, get ready to explore!

An Intro to Onemoney Group

To learn more about the company and its business please check out onemoney.in

Let’s explore our products and how easy it is for you to onboard.

Write to us at info@onemoney.in

New to AA ecosystem?

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Onemoney helps you to onboard quickly on to its AA platform. It is as simple as 1…2…3 Go!


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Onemoney welcomes you onboard!!!

Dive deep to experience the journey

To onboard you in a matter of hours we have created state of the art middleware products FinPro, FinShare and MPP, all on Cloud. It is easy and quick to set yourself up on Onemoney AA platform.

  • Raise, receive, and understand Consent Requests and Consent Artefacts that are core to information exchanges between FIPs and FIUs through AAs
  • Encrypt and Decrypt financial data as per tech standards published by RBI
  • Understand and perform all rules for using the data received or sent through AAs

Place The Consent Request

Use our FinPro admin portal to create the request. You can place the consent request either through the admin portal or using FinPro SDK.

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New to Onemoney? Create your Onemoney VUA and Link Accounts

Sign up using your mobile number and create your Onemoney VUA. Once your Onemoney VUA is created you can Discover and link accounts. Its as simple as UPI. Onemoney SDK embedded in FinPro SDK embedded in your FIU app helps to get this done.

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View and Manage Consents

Once the accounts are linked then customer can view consent details and then approve / reject consent on our Onemoney SDK embedded in FinPro SDK embedded in your FIU app. Onemoney server sends OTP to authorize the consent approval to customer and generates consent artefact once approved.

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Place Data Request and Fetch Data

Onemoney server places data fetch request along with consent artefact. FinShare validates the consent artefact and places data request to FIP through Onemoney AA. Once data is ready, it is fetched by FinShare and encrypted. Encrypted data sent to Onemoney server and then is sent to FinPro server. FinPro server decrypts the data and shares with the FIU. You got the data!!! Its done! In a matter of minutes!

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All Done! Use our resources to set up super fast

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All set! get ready to take off on premise / on cloud


Looking to learn more about Consent Management and Data Sharing?

Financial institutions use our APIs and SDKs to place consent requests to their customers for using their data, for a specific purpose and time-period. Customers use our apps to give or deny consent for such requests. Consents, once given, can also be paused, resumed or revoked any time through our app.

We never take customer’s banking credentials. Onemoney AA does not view or store your financial data. All data shared with enterprises and customers is by consent and encrypted end-to-end.

Onemoney Your Consent Manager and The Data Carrier


Create Onemoney VUA

Sign up on Onemoney web portal or install Onemoney Android App from playstore and get your own Onemoney VUA

Setting up on mobile, OneApp
Setting up on Web App


Discover and Link Bank Accounts

No banking credentials required just like your UPI get your accounts listed. Authorise and link to Onemoney. You are Done!

Android App
Web App


View and Manage Consents

View the list of pending consents, approve or reject is just a click away. When, what and how to share or deny is always in your control and your choice!

Android App
Web App

Network API

If you are building your own FIU middleware such as Consent management systems, Data management systems, Consent Interfaces, our Onemoney Network API offering is right for you.

Data API

However, if you are building consumer applications to provide a financial service in Personal Finance Management, Lending, Wealth advisory domains, you are better off using our Moneyone Data API offering.