FI Schema – RD

FI Schema – Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit
Recurring deposit accounts
AccountBasic Profile of the account which should include the Account Owner information, maskedAccNumber and linkedAccRef numbers, type of account specific to the FI type and any other generic details as might be pertinent for the specified FI type.
maskedAccNumberstringrequiredMasked Account No.
linkedAccRefstringrequiredLinked account reference no. for the account
versionfloatrequiredVersion of Schema
typestringrequiredType of Schema (Fixed: "recurring_deposit")
ProfilePersonal details of the deposit account holder
AttributesAttribute NameTypeUseAnnotation
Typeenum(SINGLE, JOINT)requiredType of account held by an individual whether its single or jointly operated
HolderAttribute NameTypeUseAnnotation
namestringrequiredName of primary holder operating the account
dobdaterequiredDate of birth of primary account holder
mobileintegerrequiredPrimary mobile number of account holder
nomineeenum(Registered, Not-Registered)requiredName of nominee registered for the account
landlinestringoptionalLandline number of account holder
addressstringoptionalAddress of the Account Holder
emailstringrequiredEmail ID of primary account holder
panstringrequiredPAN number of primary account holder
ckycCompliancebooleanrequiredKYC status whether its completed or pending
SummaryThe value of the account, term of the deposits if relevant and any other
data that summarizes the funds in the account.
AttributesAttribute NameTypeUseAnnotation
branchstringrequiredLocation of branch where investment was made
openingDatestringrequiredOpening date of the deposit account
ifscstringrequiredIFSC code of bank branch where investment was made
accountTypeenum(FIXED, SWEEP, RECURRING, FLEXIBLE) requiredType of account whether is saving or current
maturityAmountfloatrequiredAmount which will receive on maturity date
maturityDatedaterequiredDate of maturity for investment
descriptionstringrequiredNature of transaction
interestPayoutenum(MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, HALF-YEARLY, YEARLY, OnMaturity)requiredAmount of interest which is paid to depositor till date
interestRatestringrequiredRate of interest which decides amount of maturity
principalAmountstringrequiredAmount which is deposited by the account holder
tenureDaysstringrequiredDays which are passed since investment made
tenureMonthsstringrequiredMonths which are passed since investment made
tenureYearsstringrequiredYears which are passed since investment made
recurringAmountstringrequiredAmount or value of investment as on date
recurringDepositDaystringrequiredDay of the month when the monthly installment for the recurring deposit is to be paid
interestComputationenum(SIMPLE, COMPOUND)requiredWhether interest is to be Compound or Simple
enum(MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, HALF-YEARLY, YEARLY)requiredFrequency at which interest is compounded - monthly/quarterly/annually.
interestPeriodicPayoutAmountstringrequiredAmount paid with respect to interest computation and compounding frequency
currentValuestringrequiredCurrent value of investment as on date
interestOnMaturitystringrequiredTotal Interest amount on deposit maturity
TransactionsDetails of all transactions that have been posted in an account.
AttributesAttribute NameTypeUseAnnotation
startDatedaterequiredStart date of transaction or period for which details are require
endDatedaterequiredEnd date of transaction or period for which details are require
TransactionAttribute NameTypeUseAnnotation
txnIdstringrequiredTransaction ID recorded or captured for investment made
amountfloatrequiredThe amount to be paid every month for the tenure of the Recurring Deposit
narrationstringrequiredNararation is additional details in form of decription of remark associated with investment
typeenum(CREDIT, DEBIT)requiredType of transaction whether withdrawal/debit or deposit/credit
modeenum(CASH, ATM, CARD_PAYMENT, UPI, FT, OTHERS)requiredMode of investment captured whether online/demat or physical form
balancestringrequiredCurrent value of investment
transactionDateTimedateTimeStamprequiredTransaction date time stamp for particular record when investment taken place
valueDatedaterequiredDate when the transaction actually carries out. For example., cheque realization.
referencestringrequiredThe cheque or reference no for the given transaction.